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Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies

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2020 Chinese New Year
Extracurricular activity
2019 Closing Ceremony
2019 Recital Competition
MACS 46th Years Aniversary
2015 Women's Soccer World Cup
MACS 40th Year Group Photo
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HSK test registration deadline: Nov  23, 2022

The HSK test
will be held on
Dec 4, 2022

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About MACS

MACS is dedicated to excellence in Chinese language and cultural education. All of the staff are committed to contributing their expertise and efforts to develop a friendly and encouraging study environment for all students, regardless of their cultural backgrounds and languages, they speak at home. We aim to contribute to multiculturalism by encouraging children and youth in the community to study the Chinese language, learn about Chinese culture, and fostering good citizenship for each and every student.

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Jun 2021

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