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Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies

Our Teachers

We have 22 teachers including 15 Chinese teachers, 3 math teachers, and 4 teachers for paiting, calligraphy, martial arts class and Tai Chi class. For each class, there are 1-2 teaching assistants to assist the teaching activities. Most Chinese teachers have Chinese education background and relevant work experience in Canada. They are able to integrate the strengths of Chinese and western education to make your children learn Chinese happily!

Introduction of some teachers

Aixuan Wang


Ms. Wang has been working at a public kindergarten for years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Education, a National Proficiency Test of Putonghua level 1 grade B certificate, and an early childhood education diploma. Ms. Wang was recently awarded as “Outstanding Teacher” of the year 2020.

At MACS, Ms. Wang is the teacher in Chinese Language Class for the kindergarten class. With many years of working experience, Ms. Wang is known as a knowledgeable teacher who can explore the habits and develop the potentials of children’s learning. She is excellent at combining the advantages of Chinese and western culture and teaching in multiple ways. Her entertaining teaching style is welcomed by the students and recognized by their parents.

Shuang Wang

(Grade 4)

Ms. Wang has Master degree from University of Manitoba. She has been teaching Mandarin at MACS for more than 13 years. In addition, Ms. Wang is the leader of junior grades teaching group and is responsible for the annual teacher training and assessment of new students. As the representative of MACS, Ms. Wang attended Canadian Chinese Education Conference a few times and presented Mandarin language teaching skills and exchanged opinions with other teachers throughout Canada. Her consistent quality of teaching brings a stable and significant reputation to MACS.

Helen Hu

(Grade 5)

Ms. Hu has a Canadian diploma in Education. She has more than 10 years of experience working at different public schools in Winnipeg. She has been working at MACS for 9 years and was awarded as “Outstanding Teacher” several times. Ms. Hu is very good at motivating her students and teaching them according to their personality and aptitude. She is one of the most popular teachers loved by students and their parents at MACS.

Shu Chen

(Grade 6)

Mrs. Chen has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Education and a Canadian diploma in early childhood education. She has been teaching Mandarin for students in grade 6 at MACS for more than ten years and is the leader of the senior grade teaching group.

Fangyan Zheng

(Grade 1 – Intensive)

Ms. Zheng has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature from Jilin University. She was also certificated by International Profession Certificate Association as a Senior Chinese Teacher in 2010. She also has the certificate of National Proficiency Test of Putonghua level 2 grade A.

Ms. Zheng is passionate about spreading Chinese culture and teaching Chinese language. She has extensive experience of teaching Mandarin in both China and Canada. MACS is proud to have Ms. Zheng teach the intensive Mandarin classes.

Max Zhu

(Team Lead, Math Level 3 Instructor)

Mr. Zhu owns a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Manitoba. He has been fulfilling himself in teaching Mathematics and Maths Olympiad for more than 6 years.

Mr. Zhu is the founder of Mathematics teaching group and the instructor of our math classes in all levels. He is responsible for designing syllabuses and communicating with parents. His teaching style is delicate and enlightening, which are widely welcomed from our students and highly praised by our parents. Mr. Zhu has been awarded as “Outstanding Teacher” multiple times.