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Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies


We offers Mandarin language courses for kids and adults. In addition, we also offer Painting, Math, Martial Arts, and Taiji.

Mandarin Language Courses (Regular)

Class hours:
Grade K-10: every Saturday 9:30-11:30

The regular Mandarin language courses teach listening, speaking, reading, writing, and conversation skills of standard Chinese Mandarin.  We accept students of different language backgrounds, including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, etc.

  • Grade 1 to 10
  • The minimum entry age is 4 years old.
  • Textbook: “Easy Step to Chinese” by Beijing Language and Culture University Press
  • Tuition fee: refer to registration form; textbook fee: refer to registration form

Mandarin Language Courses (Intensive)

Class hours:
Grade 1, 2, 5: every Saturday 11:45 – 13:10
Grade 3: every Saturday 13:30 – 15:00

Intensive classes accept students who can speak fluent Mandarin. The textbook is “Chinese” published by Jinan University.  Each textbook has a total of 12 units in four units. Among them are 12 texts and 12 reading articles. The first grade will learn 133 Chinese characters, and the second grade will learn 164 Chinese characters. In the second grade, we will teach Pinyin to help students to master the spelling, reading, and application of Chinese Pinyin.

  • Minimum entry age 5 years.
  • Small class.
  • Tuition fee: refer to registration form; textbook fee: refer to registration form

Mandarin Language Courses (Adult)


Class hours:
Adult 1, 2, 3: every Saturday 9:30-11:30


  • Open for adult who interest in learning Chinese.
  • Three levels: beginning, middle and advanced.
  • No age limitation.
  • Tuition fee: Refer to registration form.



Class hours:
Math Level 3, 5, 6, 7: every Saturday 12:15-13:15
Math Level 1, 2, 4: every Saturday 13:30 – 14:30


Three levels: junior, middle, and high. The teaching content will be ahead of the mathematics knowledge that students learn in the public school.

The junior class introduces and learns basic mathematics knowledge (such as number sequence and size comparison, addition and subtraction within two digits, understanding Canadian coins, time, etc.) for students in grades 1-2 who have just been exposed to mathematics.

Intermediate classes begin to systematically learn mathematics for students in grades 2-4. Learn new knowledge (such as decimal point comprehension, factor comprehension, multiple concepts, basic score study, etc.) on the premise of tamping the foundation (four operations).

The advanced class is aimed at students in grades 4-6, and learns scores and percentages, graphic understanding, coordinate systems, and other related content.

 Math Brochure
Math Brochure

  • Tuition Fee: refer to registration form
In addition to rigorous classroom teaching, there are a variety of wonderful teaching activities throughout the school year, which is a major feature of the school since its establishment 48 years ago. Including the free senior brush calligraphy courses, the annual hard brush and brush calligraphy competitions, recitation competitions, Christmas activities, Spring Festival celebrations, etc., greatly enriching the learning content of the students in school. At the same time, the school has also set up a special reward mechanism (including excellent students, full attendance, competition awards, and special scholarships) to encourage children to strive for upstream and form a good learning atmosphere!


Class hours:
every Saturday 12:15-13:15
every Saturday 13:30 – 14:30

Including the basic knowledge of art theory, copying and creation. Mainly for sketching, watercolor painting and creative painting, and teach students according to their interests and potential. Adopt bilingual teaching in both Chinese and English to infiltrate and spread Chinese culture to students during the teaching process, so that students can learn Chinese cultural customs and artworks while learning drawing skills.

  • Tuition Fee: Refer to registration form

Martial arts

Venue: Earl Grey Community Center (360 Cockburn St)

Martial arts classes mainly learn basic martial arts skills, routines and equipment, so that students can learn about traditional Chinese martial arts sports and improve physical fitness. It is taught by senior martial arts teacher Yu Yanzhe.

  • Tuition Fee: Refer to registration form