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Established in 1974, Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies (MACS) is a non-profit educational institute that serves the need for Chinese language study in Winnipeg. MACS is also a CRA registered charity organization.

MACS is dedicated to excellence in Chinese language and cultural education. All of the staff are committed to contributing their expertise and efforts to develop a friendly and encouraging study environment for all students, regardless of their cultural backgrounds and languages, they speak at home. We aim to contribute to multiculturalism by encouraging children and youth in the community to study the Chinese language, learn about Chinese culture, and fostering good citizenship for each and every student.

MACS teaches Mandarin Chinese using simplified Chinese characters assisted with the “Hanyu Pinyin system”. We offer classes for children and youth from Kindergarten to Grade 9, as well as for adults. In addition to the general language programs, MACS offers special interest programs such as math, painting, and martial arts class for children and youth, as well as Taiji class for adults. Currently, there are 160 students enrolled in MACS including 25% of the students from non-Chinese speaking families.

We welcome you to join us at MACS to learn Mandarin with us!

Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies (MACS) was established in 1974 as a non-profit Chinese educational organization registered by the government and a charity registered by Revenue Canada.

MACS was founded by people of insight who live in Winnipeg and care about the future of Chinese children in the community. The purpose of establishing MACS is to promote and broadcast the elite of Chinese culture; learn and teach the Chinese language, and promote the unity of local Chinese residents. Since its establishment, the Institute has trained over a thousand students, and some of them have become elites in society. There is no doubt that their learning experience in MACS had a profound impact on their growth and development. After more than 40 years of development, the Manitoba Academy of Chinese Studies has become one of the most famous non-profit educational institutions in Canada. Its role and influence are vast and far-reaching.
The Executive Committee is the highest administrative body of MACS. All the directors of the Committee are democratically elected by the members of MACS in accordance with the articles of association. The term of service is two years and they can be re-elected. All the directors are free and voluntary services. With their professionalism and professional skills, they have made unremitting efforts to promote the development of Chinese education, MACS, and have achieved fruitful results.

Since the founding of MACS, the successive committees have regarded adhering to the tenet of the institute and promoting it as their own mission. In addition to promoting Chinese education, they also organized MACS to actively participate in the activities of local community associations. Playing an important role in spreading Chinese culture and promoting friendship among various ethnic groups.

The Executive Committee of MACS welcomes people from all walks of life who are interested in Chinese education to join our team and offer suggestions for the promotion of Chinese culture.

Yueshu Li | President

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